Thursday, May 13, 2010

First Few Days of Summer Break

I'm finally on break, after writing about 30 pages for various papers in my History and Philosophy classes and a final on The History of Ancient Philosophy. Because my parents are working and my brother and sister are still in school, it's just me and the dog for now. It will be almost a month before my siblings are out for summer break. My brother's high school graduation is on June 25th! That's almost a month more of school than I have. My sister is also having a graduation ceremony for finishing 8th grade, that they call it "The Moving Up Ceremony," because the 7th and 8th grade is in the same building as the town's high school.

Also, I've kind of gone off the bandwagon in terms of my Happiness Project. I'm going to try and work on it more over this summer. My theme for May will be Creativity. I really want to get a head start on some creative writing that I've been meaning to do. My dream is to write a novel, but I have not written anything nearly that long yet. I've done mostly just short stories and poetry.

To help keep track of my goals to be more creative, I will post about my progress, as well as things that I find inspiring.

Right now, for example, I'm reading The Likeness by Tana French. It's a murder mystery set in Ireland and is her second novel. Her first novel, In The Woods, involves the same characters, though you don't necessarily have to read one before the other. I highly recommend it, though make sure you have a lot of free time before you read this. It's extremely hard to put down!

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daisychain said...

hurrah for being on break :) x

sabine cara said...

that book sounds good!

yaay for being on a break x)

&& lovely blog, but I can't find where to follow you!

xx scarzz