Tuesday, December 9, 2008


So I've been crazy busy since I've gotten back from Thanksgiving Break. I have no idea what I was thinking when I decided to start a blog then. Worst timing ever, right? Anyway, I'm just writing to say that I have only 2 days left of class, 3 essays, 4 exams, and 11 days left before winter break. These next 11 days will be utter hell, but then it's Jingle Bells all the way! I'm so excited for Christmas. I, unfortunately, have not yet put up Christmas decorations in my room, but you bet that I will go crazy once I get home to Connecticut. I am a little worried though that we won't be able to put glass ornaments up. (I have a beautiful golden retriever named Lila who tends to knock stuff like that over with her tail or just by running into it with her head) I love my dog, but I will be really really mad if she breaks ornaments. Haha I should post a picture of her. I have a ton of her, and a bunch of her and my little sister. They are the cutest couple in the world, in my opinion.
Till Next Time!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Money Issues

So I decided today to join Mint.com For those of you who don't know about it, it's this website that links up to your bank account and displays in cute little pie charts how much you've been spending and on what. There are different categories: Shopping, Financial, Health and Fitness, Food, etc... as well as subcategories like Clothing, Coffee Shop, Restaurant, etc... It's pretty nice and I bet I'll keep using it. However, the default setting was a budget of $20 dollars for shopping. Only 20 dollars? And for a whole month? Well, shortly after signing up I got an email saying I had gone waayy over my budget. There is some way to set up your own personal budgets, but I haven't gotten to that yet. Still lots to explore on this thing. But anyway, that got me thinking to other financial troubles I'm having. Of course, what I'm talking about is the Christmas/Holiday Season. Now, don't get me wrong, I love Christmas. I love Christmas movies, Christmas carols, Christmas Nativity plays, and Christmas Spirit. But the thought of trying to get really cool presents for people without losing all my hard earned money is starting to give me nightmares. It just does not seem possible.

So here's my plea to you, you most amazing readers of this blog (I'm assuming I must have readers, based on the fact that my number of views has been going up, but who knows?) What should I do? Any tips on how to spend money wisely for the Holidays? I realize I probably should be the one spouting ideas for stuff like this, and believe me I will, once I get over the sticker shock of holiday shopping, but for now I ask for a little help. A hint perhaps? :) More later.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Welcome Back to Boston

I arrived last night around 10:00. There was some pretty awful traffic all up the Mass Pike. I did make it before midnight though, which was good considering I thought I would not make it onto the bus at all. There were at least a hundred people at the station, all trying to get to Boston on the 6:15. They called in extra buses and finally had us loaded up at around 7:30 or so.

The best thing was when I woke up on the bus and saw my campus. I saw the sign for the Student Village, the Prudential Center, and the beloved Citgo sign. It was strange, though I've only been here since September, it already feels like home. Boston is the best place I've ever been. Yes, I am proud to be a Bostonian.

Anyway, I better get back to work. This blog post is basically a quick way to procrastinate from reading Plato's Republic. No offense to Plato or Socrates but I completely hate this book. The dialogue is so long and everyone ends up repeating themselves. I'm sick of leading questions. Sick of philosophy really. Too bad I'm taking an Ethics class. Well, I won't knock philosophy entirely. It can be interesting at times. For example we just read Thomson's article on The Trolley Problem. It goes like this: You are the driver of a train that is heading towards 5 people who are, unfortunately, stuck on the track. Your brakes are out and so you cannot stop. However, if you turn into the other track, you will hit only one person. Should you turn the train?

It's a really interesting article. Thomson goes on with examples that get even crazier. My favorite has to be when she asks, if you are a bystander watching this go on and you can stop the train from hitting the 5 people by pushing a fat man off a bridge onto the tracks, who, because of his fatness will stop the train, ought you to do it?

Yeah, crazy right? Anyway I'm going back to reading Plato, wish me luck. :)

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Okay, so I'll admit it. I gave in. I joined the bandwagon. I've probably lost all credibility to my friends and family alike.
I watched 90210 last night.

I downloaded the first episode off of iTunes, pressed play... and then loved every minute of it. Admittedly the girls are skinny, the boys are completely gorgeous, the adults look way too hot for old people, and the kids look way too old to be high school students. Shenae Grimes as a 15 year old? What? I could see her as a Senior in high school, maybe. So far I've watched 3 episodes. (Or 2? I think the first thing I downloaded was a special 2 episodes in one buy deal or something) And here's what I think so far.
Dustin Milligan. I am in love. I first saw this guy in In the Land of Women where he played an awkward, dorky, but adorable guy in love with Kristen Stewart's character. (BTW I love Kristen Stewart as well. Amazing in Speak and, despite tons of people saying the movie was crap, amazing in Twilight as well.)

His character in 90210 is a suave high school LAX'er named Ethan who can get away with doing some pretty asshole things (i.e. cheating on his gf.) In the first few min. of the pilot Annie (Shenae Grimes) catchse him getting a quick BJ before class in his car by a girl who is not his gf.

Remarkably, he still remains one of the most likeable characters. His attempts to go back to that 'good guy' that Annie knew from a few summers ago seem genuine. He's the guy that it is so hard not to like.

Right now (after Episode Lucky Strikes) his competition for Annie is Ty (played by Adam Gregory), a gorgeous guy who just so happens to be the richest guy in school. He has a private jet for crying out loud, and apparently no house rules (he takes Annie to San Fran for a 'casual date'??) He also sings, and quite well indeed. Annie walks in on him rehearsing, catches a mere glimpse of his amazing movie-star looks (or TV star, or what you will) and is rendered speechless. Don't believe me? Just take a look.
So now that I'm going back to school, after the shortest vacation ever, I'm almost regretting getting into yet another tv show. I'm already completely addicted to Gossip Girl. 90210, could you be the straw that breaks my college student back? Well, with guys like Ethan and Ty as my prize for watching, I guess I won't regret it one bit.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Post-Thanksgiving Thoughts

It is the day after Thanksgiving. Coincidentally, it is also my father's birthday. This is the day I choose to write my first post on this blog. Why? I have no idea, that's just the way it turned out. This morning I spent with my family, (mom, dad, sister, brother, cousins, aunt, and uncle) going to museums and walking around the city. (Washington D.C.)

In a few days I will be packing up everything and returning to school. Only about three more weeks until my final exam and I am already stressing out! I'm a freshman at Boston University. Coming from a small high school of only 560 kids, BU was a big change for me. I think I'm starting to get into the swing of things, but all it takes is one bad exam and then I know I'll be freaking out again. Right now I am taking ethics, science, humanities, and sociology course. My sociology course is called "Sexuality and Social Life." It's a really great class and I absolutely love my professor (even though she probably still does not remember my name.) Anyway the professor is young, only like 30 years old but looks even younger, is a feminist, gay rights activist, and jokes all the time about how she gave in and got married. After prop 8 passed she announced to the class that she told her husband she wanted a divorce because she didn't believe in the institution of marriage anymore. She is having us do group projects. My group chose to do a documentary on sexuality and sex on college campuses. It's going relatively well, though I really wish we had more time to work on it. It's been difficult trying to find time that all of our group members have in common. In high school I had classes 6 days a week! That's right, 6. I went to a boarding prep school in Connecticut. So, of course, when I came to college I expected to have all the free time in the world with an actual weekend. But it turns out that time flies even faster in college, when you have so many things you have to do, and so many things you want to do.

And that brings me to my newfound love... Boston. I absolutely love this city. I lived in a small town all my life, where I had to drive 20 min. to get to a Starbucks for God's sake! In Boston I can go to the movie theater, window shop (or splurge and buy one or two things) on Newbury or Charles St., work out at the FitRec, watch a play, see a concert... all just by walking! Of course, there's the T which makes my entertainment possibilities virtually endless. Now, I know that the T gets a bad rep, but in most cases it's really not that bad. I generally only wait about 5-10 minutes to get on. My only complaint is that they shut down way too early! They would make so much money if they kept the trains running past midnight (especially on the weekends). They're missing out on prime-time for college students. Students come back after parties at like 1 or 2 in the morning, and the T is closed. So what happens? A bunch of drunk kids start wandering around the streets of Boston, everyone grabs the nearest cab, storms the BUS, or just crashes where they are. Sorry, that's enough about the T. Really, I have all the love in the world for the train that brings me to Cambridge or the South End. I remember at the Swell Season concert at Agganis, this local guy sang a song about the T called Charlie Runs. Really good song actually. If I can remember what his website was I'll post it later.

Well, I guess that is all for now. I have to try and make a dent in my seemingly endless pile of homework. Thanksgiving Break is so not relaxing. It's more of a time bomb... I can hear the ticking sounds of doom calling out to me from finals week. That said, hope you enjoyed the first entry. Feel free to post some comments. And hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving day!