Monday, March 29, 2010

Carey Mulligan's Hair

I haven't gotten a chance to see her movies yet, but I absolutely adore her hair. I really want to get my hair cut like this, but my friends don't seem too keen on the idea. Do you like the haircut? My hair is black and thicker than hers, but I still really want to get my hair done like this.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sincerely Yours

Here's a video of my sorority's charity event! In the background I'm singing the solo for "First Cut is the Deepest" by Sheryl Crow and playing the guitar. P.S. I'm not really sure who made the video. I think it might have been one of my sorority sisters' friends, but they horribly butchered my name lol. No worries though! I'm totally psyched that someone recorded it.

I tried to embed it, but I couldn't figure out how to save it to my computer. Here's the link though!

My Sorority's Charity event for St. Jude's

Friday, March 26, 2010

New Layout

Despite the snow that Boston got today, I felt that it was time to try a new layout. Blogger just came out with a new template maker, and while I was planning on customizing it a lot, I found this really cute, springy one, so I thought I'd give it a try. What do you think? I think the brighter colors make it easier on the eyes. I will probably need to keep trying out layouts for a while, since I'm finding myself to be pretty indecisive. But, I'm really happy now that there will be more options for me to use, since I don't know very much HTML or CSS or anything. Hopefully I'll learn some this summer though!

Also here is my wishlist of clothing items in the upcoming warm months:

  • A pair of yellow or coral sandals that are both comfortable and cute
  • Patterned skirts - I'm thinking maybe something with purple, blue, and maybe some magenta mixed in
  • London Soles Ballet Flats (in peach? I don't know if they even have peach colored ones but this is my wishlist after all lol) 
  • Headband with gems or rhinestones
  • Yellow sundress (If only I can find a shade of yellow that will work with my skin tone) 
  • Capri pants (in a blue that's in between powder blue and navy...) 
  • Big, glamourous sunglasses

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Writing Papers

Ah, the joys of paper writing. Currently I'm working on two philosophy papers. One is on Spinoza and his views on Necessitarianism and his denial of the human free will. The second one is on Plato's Theatetus, and discusses the Sophist vs. Philosopher's conflict. They're both due tomorrow and I realized that I just need a quick break to get out of my mind. Hence, another blog post!

In the past few weeks, I've been pretty busy. But since I haven't written in a while, I figured I'd do some quick updates.


  • My Sorority's initiation is this weekend! I'm really excited for all our new members to become Sisters :)
  • I still haven't seen Alice in Wonderland, but I'm hopefully going to be seeing it this weekend
  • I went to the Gap and found a cute floral shirt! Finally :) 
  • My brother got into Colorado College! He's really excited and I think that's where he'll probably end up going next year, since it was one of his top choices.
Although it's just starting to be spring here in Boston, I'm starting to feel the summer itch. I want it to be summertime so badly! And I only have a little more than a month left of school... crazy right? I think that my last exam is on May 8th. (I actually have only one exam this semester, but a ton of final papers to write) 

What are you all planning on doing this summer? As for me, I'm going to be hanging out at home, and I've got an internship at my town's historical society. I'm really excited for it! I'll be learning how to curate objects and I'll help plan educational events for children.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More Finds

I found just what I'm looking for! Shop Ruche has lots of patterns and textures for much better prices, which is definitely good for my budget right now. 
This is their Celestial Embroidery Tank. It's only $34.99 and has great detailing. 

The Rose Gold Tank is $28.99. I'm really loving the color scheme of this top. 

I think this one is very playful. It's an interesting mix of color and crochet. I'm not sure exactly how I would wear this, but I really like it. Any suggestions? It's called the Color Path Tank and it's $35.99. 

Their shoes are also to die for! Though, fortunately for a price of $36.99 you won't have to :) These are their Gold Studded Pointy Heels.

Now I adore this headband, but it's $16.99. I'm not sure that I would pay this much for a headband... but it really is cute. It's called the Astrantia Melody Headband. 

Wardrobe Contemplation

Looking through my heaps of clothes to find something to wear is an almost impossible task. I've come to realize that I only wear about 20 pieces of my entire wardrobe. I lack some key basics, and I tend to buy similar things. Now is the time for my spring clothing remix.

One of the big problems with my wardrobe is the sheer number of plain, fitted t-shirts. I even have 2 t-shirts of the exact same color! (Though one is made of a stretchier fabric, and the other is slightly more sheer) I have t-shirts galore, with at least 2 or three same exact shirts in different colors!

My goal for this spring is to get some patterns into my outfits. The riskiest thing that I've worn in a while are stripes. So, today, I decided to pull out my Urban outfitters crocheted white tank top and put it under my favorite cardigan (the reddish one that I'm sure you've seen me post about a million times).

Here are some examples of the new kinds of tops I want to infiltrate my wardrobe. While they don't all have to be patterned, I definitely want either an interesting shape, or texture.

I adore this top from Free People. It's $78, but I'm sure I could get a lot of wear out of it. With dark skinny jeans and cute flats, this could be a great outfit for night. Under a cardigan and with a lighter pair of jeans, it could be my perfect daytime look. This top is shown in "Indigo" but there is also a color that is mysteriously called "Mushroom", even though it looks pink to me. 

Another thing I found on Free People, a cute cardigan with a pattern on it. It is sheer in the back and on the sleeves. It definitely would be a cute addition to my wardrobe, without diverging too much, I think, from what I normally like to wear. This cardigan is also $88

I also find this top to be pretty interesting. While it's not something that I would normally pick out, the texture and shape of this silk top make it a great piece to layer under a long cardigan. (I do love my cardigans, after all) This is $66 on Piperlime.

Probably the most daring pattern I'm liking right now is this top from Piperlime. It is only $55 by BB Dakota. 

Do you have any suggestions for me about where to look for cute, interesting pieces? What kind of patterns or textures are you loving right now?