Sunday, November 30, 2008


Okay, so I'll admit it. I gave in. I joined the bandwagon. I've probably lost all credibility to my friends and family alike.
I watched 90210 last night.

I downloaded the first episode off of iTunes, pressed play... and then loved every minute of it. Admittedly the girls are skinny, the boys are completely gorgeous, the adults look way too hot for old people, and the kids look way too old to be high school students. Shenae Grimes as a 15 year old? What? I could see her as a Senior in high school, maybe. So far I've watched 3 episodes. (Or 2? I think the first thing I downloaded was a special 2 episodes in one buy deal or something) And here's what I think so far.
Dustin Milligan. I am in love. I first saw this guy in In the Land of Women where he played an awkward, dorky, but adorable guy in love with Kristen Stewart's character. (BTW I love Kristen Stewart as well. Amazing in Speak and, despite tons of people saying the movie was crap, amazing in Twilight as well.)

His character in 90210 is a suave high school LAX'er named Ethan who can get away with doing some pretty asshole things (i.e. cheating on his gf.) In the first few min. of the pilot Annie (Shenae Grimes) catchse him getting a quick BJ before class in his car by a girl who is not his gf.

Remarkably, he still remains one of the most likeable characters. His attempts to go back to that 'good guy' that Annie knew from a few summers ago seem genuine. He's the guy that it is so hard not to like.

Right now (after Episode Lucky Strikes) his competition for Annie is Ty (played by Adam Gregory), a gorgeous guy who just so happens to be the richest guy in school. He has a private jet for crying out loud, and apparently no house rules (he takes Annie to San Fran for a 'casual date'??) He also sings, and quite well indeed. Annie walks in on him rehearsing, catches a mere glimpse of his amazing movie-star looks (or TV star, or what you will) and is rendered speechless. Don't believe me? Just take a look.
So now that I'm going back to school, after the shortest vacation ever, I'm almost regretting getting into yet another tv show. I'm already completely addicted to Gossip Girl. 90210, could you be the straw that breaks my college student back? Well, with guys like Ethan and Ty as my prize for watching, I guess I won't regret it one bit.

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