Tuesday, December 9, 2008


So I've been crazy busy since I've gotten back from Thanksgiving Break. I have no idea what I was thinking when I decided to start a blog then. Worst timing ever, right? Anyway, I'm just writing to say that I have only 2 days left of class, 3 essays, 4 exams, and 11 days left before winter break. These next 11 days will be utter hell, but then it's Jingle Bells all the way! I'm so excited for Christmas. I, unfortunately, have not yet put up Christmas decorations in my room, but you bet that I will go crazy once I get home to Connecticut. I am a little worried though that we won't be able to put glass ornaments up. (I have a beautiful golden retriever named Lila who tends to knock stuff like that over with her tail or just by running into it with her head) I love my dog, but I will be really really mad if she breaks ornaments. Haha I should post a picture of her. I have a ton of her, and a bunch of her and my little sister. They are the cutest couple in the world, in my opinion.
Till Next Time!

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