Friday, February 5, 2010

A Friday In

Tonight I'm sitting in a cafe at one of the dorms at school. The cafe does not, in fact, look like this, but I'm really loving this picture I found on WeHeartIt.

Also, I'm trying out a new layout. What do you think? I don't really know much about html or anything, so this is just one of those free ones that I found online, but I think it's pretty cute. Let me know if the text is too hard to read or anything.

I'm a bit tired, so I think I should limit my post to a few lists.

What I'm Loving Right Now

  • 5 for $25 underwear deals at Victoria's Secret
  • Spanish Lattes at Espresso Royale Caffe (ERC) - they have just the right amount of sweetness in them with sweetened, condense milk
  • Sleep - I love sleep. Sleep is my friend and should probably be yours too. :) Hopefully I will listen to this and go to bed by midnight. 
  • Honey Nut Cheerios - One of my favorite cereals! And I have nearly an entire box of it waiting for me in my dorm!
  • My sorority - I had a great day with them and today we welcomed 5 new girls into our new pledge class. I think altogether we now have about 27 girls. Yay us!
  • A Fine Frenzy - I know I've posted about her before, but I adore her. Listen to her music, she's fantastic!
  • Headbands - I want one so badly! I'm now officially on a headband hunt. I will find the ultimate headband. Wish me luck
5 Things to Appreciate (I was going to write 10, but I'm getting tired and want to go to bed lol)
  1. Finding a pair of matching socks - for me, this always seems to be somewhat of an everyday miracle.
  2. Sunrises - I love the moments when night turns to day. It reminds me that the world still goes on and somehow makes me feel like I have less I need to worry about. 
  3. Comments on my blog - I read all your comments and they make me feel very happy. They're so encouraging to me, especially since I just recently started actively blogging. 
  4. When someone holds the door open for you - It's a nice gesture, and one that I feel deserves appreciation. 
  5. Laughter - because, really, what would the world be like if laughter did not exist? 
Lots of love, 


Aury said...

Really lovely post! I love your list of things to appreciate: sunrises and socks rank high on my list too :)

Your new layout is really cute, too. But I was wondering if you'd heard of Artisteer. It's really good for building a blog layout, and its really cheap.

Jen said...

aww you're so adorable typing up these lovely facts in a little dorm cafe, sounds so relaxing. :) i love headbands too but i never seem to be able to pull them off.
loving the new layout by the way! i can read everything just fine.

Emily said...

I love your lists! the matching socks thing made me smile :)

thank you so much for visiting my blog!
Have a great day :)

Erika said...

Catie, Catie, Catie...I am loving three things right now...

1) Your new layout. Can someone say fabulous?

2) The fact that you love Honey Nut Cheerios - they are my addiction!

3) Your current setting. Or the setting you were in when you put this post together. Cafes are my favorite! :)

Karen said...

Thank's for visiting my blog!! your spanish is not so bad, you need to practise like I with the english ;)