Thursday, August 13, 2009

Diving into the Macbook

I just got my first Macbook, and, to tell you the truth, I felt like I'd sold out. For years I'd been an adamant PC user. I thought that a PC made me look more professional, I didn't want to have to relearn how to do simple functions on a computer, and Macs are expensive. However, after only a few days using this, I've decided that I do like the Mac, after all.

My favorite things about the Mac, so far, are the iCalendar, which helps keep me organized and looks really cool, the iChat, which let me videochat with my friend from California and my friend in Michigan at the same time (haha I know people have been doing this forever, but it was my first time videochatting), and the fact that I don't have to worry about virus scans and adware anymore.

Right now, I'm searching the web for cool downloads for Macs. I found one that I'm considering, called Mojo, which is supposed to let me download music from my friends' libraries. However, I'm worried about illegal downloading in general. At my school, there's a grad student/TA who is being sued for $675,000 for downloading 30 songs! Not to mention, I am a bit superstitious in that I believe that I sometimes believe that Murphy's Law applies only to me. I've always considered myself someone who goes by the rules, partly because I imagine that the one time I break them will be the one time someone, aka me gets caught.

Any opinions on the music downloading issue? I'm actually going to take a philosophy class this fall called the Philosophy of Property, and one of the issues we'll be talking about is intellectual property and illegal music downloads.

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Erika said...

I have been eyeing a MacBook for quite some time myself now. I too am of the PC-using world up until now. Please keep us up to date with how things work out with your Mac.

I don't know anything about the whole ethics in downloading. I will admit that I took an Ethics class last year in college and it seemed to be primarily about downloading music and how wrong it was. After hearing some of the tales of being sued, I just steer clear of it. :)