Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Post from Panera Bread

Because we'll be moving soon out of our apartment, my roommates and I decided to forgo the Comcast package for this month, meaning I have no internet in my room anymore. Right now I'm sitting in Panera, which is just 2 minutes away from my building, trying to get all the things done online that I need to do before rehearsal at 6:30. I may not have mentioned this, but I'm currently stage managing for a show.

Anyways, it really amazes me that I can just buy a small coffee at Panera and spend hours here if I like, on their WiFi. They even told me they have free refills, which makes me think, why would anyone ever buy a medium or large? It makes no sense to me.

Update on my Mac. I've just downloaded the Sims 3 and it works beautifully, just as the guy at Best Buy promised! Right now I'm creating a love triangle between the Glover family and a Sim called Christopher Steel. (If you have Sims 3 I believe it comes with all of the same people at first) I really like playing with the readymade people because they have their bios and a lot of it is up to chance. Whenever I try to make my own Sims I fall into the trap of spending way too much time making the people, that when I finally begin to play I've spent hours in front of the computer.

Also, I saw The Time Traveler's Wife! I love Rachel McAdams in general, so of course I loved her here. Eric Bana was great as well, and extremely good looking. Why haven't I seen him much until recently? (He also played an Australian guy in Funny People and was hilarious). I enjoyed the movie, but I think that it left out many key plot lines. I'm still reading the book, and already I found that they eliminated many details that would have translated really well on screen. Altogether, the movie was just too short. 1 hour and 45 minutes is nothing in a movie these days.

Last night, I saw 500 Days of Summer, which was utterly perfect. I watched it with my friend at the Coolidge Corner
Theatre, this amazing movie theater that used to be a Church. It was remodeled in the Art Deco style and is really beautiful. (If you're interested, I actually wrote a research paper on the theater for my Art and Architecture in Boston class). If you live in the Boston/Brookline area, be sure to check this theater out. The website is This is absolutely my favorite movie theater, and it draws out great crowds. Everyone openly laughs and cries at this place, (though at 500 Days it was mostly laughter. Who knew a movie that purported itself as an anti-romance could be so comedic?) This is definitely a great place for movie lovers. And, as I found out as I was leaving the theater, the food there is really freaking cheap! Popcorn for like 3 bucks. That's a steal in movie world!

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