Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Beautiful Wednesday

Boston's high for the day is supposedly 84 degrees. Waking up early this morning and walking to class, I didn't believe it at first. But, sure enough, it is beautiful outside.

Also, I found this on WeHeartIt today. This is one of my favorite poems, by William Carlos Williams. Doesn't the plum look delicious? The title of the poem is "This is Just to Say."

What are your favorite poems? Do you have favorite poets?

My favorites are:
Charles Bukowski
Emily Dickinson
Anne Sexton
Theodore Roethke
e.e. Cummings
William Carlos Williams
Lewis Carroll

Also, I have a confession... I went to poetry writing camp the summer before I came to college. Hence, I am a poetry nerd. Maybe I'll post a poem or two of my own if I work up the courage.


Anonymous said...

I have never really been that into poems before. I tried writing a few when I was younger, but nothing more than that:) I do like the poem you posted though, and the picture was really pretty. I love we heart it. Such a neat website:)

Angie said...

I'm a poetry nerd too, where is this poetry camp?

daisychain said...

hurrah for poetry love

Erika said...

I love a lot of the poems crafted by Dorothy Parker. She is just amazing! :)

Aury said...

Favorite poets Wordsworth and Keats. I love poetry too, have loved it all my life. :)