Thursday, April 1, 2010


I love magazines. Anyone who knows me knows that I can spend hours upon hours in a Barnes and Noble reading all the magazines I can. While I still have yet to find my perfect magazine, the BUQuad gave some suggestions for finding your perfect magazine.Cate Young's article: How to Choose a Fashion Magazine
She gives great descriptions about which personalities fit which magazines, and even shows how to save some bucks with online subscriptions.

My personal favorites are Glamour, Teen Vogue, and Self. Though they are not all purely fashion magazines, I love reading them. I do think that in enjoying magazines, though, we should all remember that these are not realistic representations of people's everyday lives. Yet, even so, I think they're really fun to read. I do wish that magazines will start to represent more kinds of women with different body types and different ethnicities. I think that some of the younger teen magazines are starting to branch out. My younger sister reads Girls Life, and I've often seen more diverse models. I remember how excited she was when she found a girl in the pictures who was Filipina. It was really nice to know that magazines, at least for those her age, are moving in a good direction.


Erika said...

I love you for posting a link to that Cate Young article. I've always been obsessed with magazines myself. I think my favorites are ELLE, Seventten, Teen Vogue, and Glamour. Though, honestly, I'll read them all!! :)

Aury said...

I love your new layout. Its so bright and pretty :)

Molly Bryn said...

I'm a sucker for Vogue and what's worse is that the advertisements are my favorite part!

I have a blog award for you because I've been enjoying your posts so much. Come on over and check it out!