Thursday, December 24, 2009

First Outfit Post

Get excited, I'm doing my first outfit post! This is what I wore to Church today with the family. Since it's Christmas Eve, it was packed with people. Mass was going to start at 4:00 or when the Church was full. Apparently they filled up by like 3.

Anyway, is the outfit better with hair up or down? Also, I wasn't entirely sure about the color of the cardigan, but I felt like the outfit needed a little color.

Earrings: Jasminesola
Pants: East 5th (From my Mom's closet)
Shoes: FS/NY
Cardigan: Gap
Black Top: Pure & Simple
Necklace: Pearl comes from an oyster I bought in Hawaii!


Jen said...

i love the color of your cardigan, and i say go with your hair down, it's more youthful :)

love the christmas tree btw, hope your holidays are going well :)

Aury said...

Down definitely. Looks more fun, and contrasts with your adult look of the cardigan. I go to BU what skul do u go to?

Catie said...

I go to BU as well! I'm a soph. in CAS. What about you?