Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Year's 2010

It's December 27th, which means I'm actively thinking about my New Year's Resolutions. According to my journal, previous New Year's Resolutions included the following:

1. Finish this journal by December 31st 2010 (Last year's Resolution-- I still have a good 40 pages left in this journal, but I'm about 3/4 of the way finished.
2. Exercise More (Go to the gym at school, take a gym class - I have gone to work out much more often than I did last year, but my work out sessions declined around the second half of the semester. My record for going was 4 times in a week. I often went 2 times a week, but also equally as often, I did not go at all. I also took a Zumba class, which was scary as hell. I have never seen so many butts moving in ways they should not.)
3. Wear my hair down more often (As I write this my hair is up. Somehow I can't stand the feeling of hair against the nape of my neck. However, whenever I've gone out to dances or parties, I've begun to usually wear my hair down)
4. Be Happier (Ah the elusive Be Happier goal. While I sometimes think I've achieved it (during times that I'm happy), at the times that I'm sad I curse myself for making such a wretched New Year's Resolution. Because, after all, isn't being happier more of a life goal? I guess it's something that you try to do constantly, but often fail at doing. And since the goal of perfect happiness is pretty much unobtainable, the negative feelings from failing to achieve that perfect happiness are not really worth it.

So, this year my resolutions will include the following.

1. Don't be afraid to say no to party invites or extracurricular opportunities. I packed my schedule so much this year that I think it's time to take a chill pill. I plan on spending at least one weekend night doing a relaxing activity, either by myself (watching television shows, journaling, blogging, reading, etc...) or with friends (watching a movie, going bowling, hanging out in the dorm).
2. Going to the gym at least once a week. (This should definitely be feasible. Once I get that down, I will try for 2 times a week. More than that is probably not realistic for me at this point, and going 5 times a week and then not going for 5 weeks is not nearly as good as just going once or twice a week)
3. Taking more photographs (I haven't taken my digital camera out with me in the longest time, because a year or two ago it broke when I was at this dance and someone elbowed it out of my hands. I mean, what is the point though of having a digital camera and never using it?
4. Be more relaxed about planning (When I got the iCal I decided to record everything I did, in 15 minute intervals, which was, of course, INSANE! I need to let myself not feel bad about taking an hour to just listen to music while flipping through magazines. One can never be productive 24/7.

And with that I am done for now. Because my 5th New Year's resolution is to not make so many New Year's resolutions that I go crazy. So, I think I'll begin that now. 5 Resolutions is plenty for me. Now, what about you? Do you have any personal philosophies on the art of entering the New Year?