Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Day In Review

Today I met up with a friend from high school to see the movie "Nine". It's a musical about an Italian moviemaker and the women in his life, including his friend, mistress, muse, wife, and other assorted women. I was pretty disappointed as the movie was all glitz and glam that somehow says very little. It is, ironically, the same problem that the moviemaker, Guido Contini has with his movies. (Or so they say, you never get to watch any parts of the actual movies he directed) The only good performances were by Marion Cotillard, who played his wife and Penelope Cruz, who played the mistress, Carla. These were the only two characters that seemed to have depth. I will also give Nicole Kidman credit for playing her smaller part very well. She has a great voice, as I found after watching Moulin Rouge. Fun fact: she also voices the main mother penguin in Happy Feet.

After hanging out with my friend at the mall, I went to Barnes and Noble, got myself a Caffe Latte with nonfat milk and read magazines. I'm still a little sad that I cannot find the perfect magazine to suit my interests. Reading Cosmopolitan usually angers the feminist in me. Reading feminist magazines like Bitch and Bust make me wish for more fashion advice and for something to suit my craving for "guilty pleasures." Vogue has way too many advertisements and the clothes are completely unaffordable. Lucky is nice, but caters to an older age demographic. Elle has too much of a focus on fashion. I feel too old for Seventeen Magazine and Teen Vogue, though at least Seventeen shows clothing that is somewhat in my price range. My favorite magazine is long gone. Elle Girl, which somehow managed to give the right amount of everything from fashion to book recommendations, unfortunately is no longer published. The website is still up, but for some reason it seems different than the Elle Girl that I remember. Does anyone know of a good magazine for a person like me? The perfect magazine for me would be catered towards college students and women in their 20's age bracket. It would have advice for time management, recommendations for movies and books, cute and somewhat affordable clothes (for me that usually means under $100 for most things, though I make exceptions for bags, shoes, dresses, and the occasional pair of jeans). Does such a thing exist?

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Erika said...

Oh, you mentioned Elle Girl!! That was one of my absolute favorite magazines when I was younger - I was completely devastated when it went out of print; it was fabulous!!

I find that Glamour is a great magazine. Also Nylon. And I can't get enough of Seventeen or ELLE. I agree, it is hard to find a magazine that truly suits all of your needs and interests; but those are a few of my favorites!! :)

LAUREN said...

I'm a fan of Glamour myself... I loved ElleGirl, it was the best! Brings back old memories...