Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More Finds

I found just what I'm looking for! Shop Ruche has lots of patterns and textures for much better prices, which is definitely good for my budget right now. 
This is their Celestial Embroidery Tank. It's only $34.99 and has great detailing. 

The Rose Gold Tank is $28.99. I'm really loving the color scheme of this top. 

I think this one is very playful. It's an interesting mix of color and crochet. I'm not sure exactly how I would wear this, but I really like it. Any suggestions? It's called the Color Path Tank and it's $35.99. 

Their shoes are also to die for! Though, fortunately for a price of $36.99 you won't have to :) These are their Gold Studded Pointy Heels.

Now I adore this headband, but it's $16.99. I'm not sure that I would pay this much for a headband... but it really is cute. It's called the Astrantia Melody Headband. 


Caroline said...

Chocolate and Lemonade... my two favorites as well!! Love your blog XO!

Walk The Sand said...

Love the yellow floral print top. So pretty.