Friday, March 26, 2010

New Layout

Despite the snow that Boston got today, I felt that it was time to try a new layout. Blogger just came out with a new template maker, and while I was planning on customizing it a lot, I found this really cute, springy one, so I thought I'd give it a try. What do you think? I think the brighter colors make it easier on the eyes. I will probably need to keep trying out layouts for a while, since I'm finding myself to be pretty indecisive. But, I'm really happy now that there will be more options for me to use, since I don't know very much HTML or CSS or anything. Hopefully I'll learn some this summer though!

Also here is my wishlist of clothing items in the upcoming warm months:

  • A pair of yellow or coral sandals that are both comfortable and cute
  • Patterned skirts - I'm thinking maybe something with purple, blue, and maybe some magenta mixed in
  • London Soles Ballet Flats (in peach? I don't know if they even have peach colored ones but this is my wishlist after all lol) 
  • Headband with gems or rhinestones
  • Yellow sundress (If only I can find a shade of yellow that will work with my skin tone) 
  • Capri pants (in a blue that's in between powder blue and navy...) 
  • Big, glamourous sunglasses