Monday, March 29, 2010

Carey Mulligan's Hair

I haven't gotten a chance to see her movies yet, but I absolutely adore her hair. I really want to get my hair cut like this, but my friends don't seem too keen on the idea. Do you like the haircut? My hair is black and thicker than hers, but I still really want to get my hair done like this.


Molly Bryn said...

I am dying to see An Education, I think she's adorable and I love her style. Give it a try! How easy and chic that would be for the summer. Be sure to post pics!

Jessie said...

I also havent seen her movies but have been seeing her everywhere and just love her style! Cute pics!


Tara said...

Watch An education, its amazing i love it! yeah, ive been thinking the same thing for a while about my hair, do it, no matter what people will say! go for it! i will be hehe