Friday, January 1, 2010

Cleaning The Room

It took me almost 2 weeks after getting home from school to finally decide to clean my room. Until today, I even had my suitcase still on the floor and half opened. In the past, I have made excuses for not cleaning my room. Examples include: "I think better in a room that's not perfect", "It takes too much time," and "It's only going to get dirty later." But, when I think to the times that I have felt content being in my room, these times were generally when I had just finished organizing, vacuuming, and giving the entire room a good clean.

I recently read in a book called, "Organizing Your Day: Time Management Techniques That Will Work For You," that perfectionists will do things like refuse to make their beds because they would rather not try at all than settle for a half done job. Somehow, this description had me down to a T. I always found myself annoyed by the slightest wrinkle in my bed sheets, whenever I tried to make the bed. I guess it got to the point where I thought my refusal to make the bed was a kind of statement that said I had other, better things to do. This book, by Sandra Felton and Marsha Sims really opened my eyes to the bad organizational habits that I had. While I thought that not making my bed was important to me, what was really happening was that I was too afraid to make the bed imperfectly. Be sure to check out her website at

Tomorrow, I will venture into my bedroom closet and try to get rid of things that I don't need anymore. Who knows what could turn up in there!


Jen said...

i definitely admire you organizing and cleaning your room. my suitcase is still half open on my floor with clothes spilling out. i'm not much of an unpacker, especially when i think about the fact that i'll be going back to school soon haha.
i should really do some cleaning myself. happy new year and good luck with your closet! :)

Aury said...

Oh wow, that perfectionist thing is sooo me and i totally accept it too. But part of the reason i don't plan on totally unpacking is that were would i keep everything and how would i keep it in a way that its ez to find when i need to leave in a little over a week? The closet thing i can do though...