Monday, January 25, 2010

Memories of High School Days

Look how beautiful my high school is. I'm really missing it right now. This picture looks across the baseball field towards our pond, main building, and science building. While I did not take this photo myself, I really love that there is someone who seems to be doing a cartwheel or handstand in the background.

Also, kind of random, but I'm debating about cutting my hair short like this again. This was what my hair looked like in the summer, and now it's about an inch and a half past my shoulders. Or, if I'm daring enough, I'm even considering a pixie cut. Bad idea? Let me know lol :) Perhaps it's just my insane week that's making me want a drastic change right now.


Aury said...

I like your summer haircut- Scratch that- I LOVE it! It suits you really well. I feel like you could pull off a pixie cut but better to ask the hair stylists. Shorter hair suits you better I think though.

Erika said...

THAT'S YOUR HIGH SCHOOL???? Ohmigosh that is the most stunning high school on the planet! And I adore your hair that length - I think you should cut it again. You look absolutely adorable!! :)