Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nail Polish, Shopping, and Other Matters

Since I haven't done a fashion post in a while, here are some things I'll be spending my money on after I get back to school (and start getting my paychecks at my part time job again).

My favorite nail polish brand has to be Essie. They have the best colors, the best finishes, and the polish comes in really cute bottles with even cuter names. Here are some of my favorites for this winter:

The nail polish featured above is "Angora Cardi"! Essie describes it as a "deep dusty rose."

Now let me introduce you to "Huckle Buckle," a wonderfully whimsical shade that Essie describes as "iridescent deep lilac."

At $8.00 a bottle, these nail polishes are more than worth their price. The polish also lasts a very long time, which is another reason why I love these nail polishes. If you want to buy some polish to put some sparkle in your winter, go to Essie's Website.

My picks off Piperlime include a few cute tops and skirts.

This top has a beautiful shape that exudes a kind of classic, yet chic look. It is the Cynthia Steffe Adalia Tank. Unfortunately for me, it is $95, so I don't think I'll be purchasing this unless it goes on sale or I get a big paycheck soon. You can buy this at Piperlime

And finally, an update on my Happiness Project! I am still making the bed every day now. However, I'm having a hard time trying to get up early in the morning. Hopefully this will change once I go back to school and immediately will have tons to do on my schedule again. I'm going to keep up this blog for sure, but the posts may be a bit shorter until I get the hang of blogging while at school.


Jen said...

i love essie nail polishes as well! the design of the bottle is adorable and they have so many colors! definitely worth the $8.
and good luck waking up early. i always press snooze a million times and then i eventually shove my phone under my pillow.

daisychain said...

I'm so obsessed with nail polish right now. I love Essie and China Glaze, though my wallet doesn't!