Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happiness Project Update

It's been a little more than 2 weeks since I started my Happiness Project, (based on "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin: Go to her blog! ) Already I feel that I have more energy. I don't require a cup of coffee to last me through the day. Pretty much everyday I've met my goal of waking up without pressing snooze, though I will admit that this morning I slept in for about 15 minutes. I have no idea why I wanted to wake up at 8:45 this morning, since I wasn't planning on doing anything until 11:00, when I went to Church.

Do you have a Happiness Project of your own? What kind of goals do you have for the New Year? If you haven't made some, why not make some right now? It's really nice to see how small changes in your life can lead to more happiness, and who doesn't want that?

Other things I am trying to pursue include trying out Yoga. I've just done some beginner/intermediate poses, but it's actually harder than I expected it to be, but enjoyable. I think I prefer it to the elliptical, which is what I normally work out on. Yoga is great because you can do it anywhere, even in your dorm room! Do you enjoy Yoga? I'm trying to learn it on my own for now, since classes in Boston can be tremendously expensive.

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daisychain said...

hurrah for an update :)

Jen said...

i'm so glad to hear your happiness project is going so well!! you should definitely try out yoga. i heard it really relaxes you but i've never tried it for myself.
now i really want to try this happiness project for myself. i just have to stop being so lazy. :)

Erika said...

I'm glad the Happiness Project is working so well for you. I haven't set any goals for myself yet, but I will definitely have to!

And yoga! Ah, I tried it myself a few years ago, and was in immense pain, so I switched to just cardio. I hope yoga works out better for you!! :)