Sunday, January 3, 2010

Vampire Weekend

I am so psyched for the new Vampire Weekend album, "Contra", that is coming out on January 12th. I absolutely adored their first album, which combined many different elements of music to make their own unique sound. These guys also have a great sense of fashion. While most bands seem to pick their clothing from the same "Music Hipster" wardrobe with black tight skinny jeans, and identical plaid shirts, these guys stay true to their preppy roots while still maintaining an edgy style.

I absolutely adore Ezra Koenig (the one standing in the picture above and the one in the pic below)


Not only can he sing and play guitar, he's also freaking gorgeous! So, are you a Vampire Weekend fan? If not, what albums are you looking forward to listening to this month?


Erika said...

Oh, Vampire Weekend!! I simply adore everything about them and am literally counting down the days until the release of their new album!! :)

Jen said...

ahh i had no idea they were releasing a new album. i have to go check that out :D

Jaeve + Things said...

oooh! i am with you on this one, i'm going to their release show in LA on the 12th! so excited! i love them!!!

Aury said...

He is hot! Wow,you see what I love blogging. I'm literally being introduced to several fabulous things everyday. I just checked them out and they are awesome!

Aury said...

Also Horchata is a great song!