Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Things

How beautiful is my dog? I just saw this picture that my sister posted on her Facebook page, and I needed to have an "I love my dog" post. I can't remember if she took the photo or if I did. (I'll have to ask her later. Some of my dog's hair is shaved off, so this was probably taken soon after she was sick and needed an IV, but she's all better now. :) 

Also, an update on my Happiness Project! Tomorrow is the first day of February. For Gretchen Rubin's Happiness Project, she decided that February was the month to "Remember Love." Here are my resolutions for this month! 
  1. Write something good about myself or something good that I accomplished that day, every day in my journal. 
  2. Reach out to others by making more of an effort to spend time with friends. I especially want to spend some time getting to know my sorority's new members. I've met them only a few times, but I can tell they are really sweet girls. 
  3. I will stop myself from saying negative things about people, even when I'm really angry. 
  4. I will mail letters to my friends and family as often as I can, since snail mail really does show how much you care. 
  5. I will not let myself get myself down. If I start to think negatively, I will try to see the positive side of things. 
So here's my list. I am open to changing some and adding on a few more. Do you have any suggestions? 

- Catie


Erika said...

That's a picture of your dog?! I'm in love!! I've never had a dog before; but I desperately want one!!

I think that it's good to attempt to curb saying negative things about people. What I've found is that saying negative things about people - even if you say them in your mind, not out loud - only makes you feel bad about yourself. :/

daisychain said...

awww your dog!